I got my charager back! it's about time! i had to get it through the mail and it comes a day late. Well, While I didn't have my computer (becuase it died) I've been doing nothing but draw. Mostly .... ok only on my Sercet power b...

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I'm Back from down the shore!!
But, I left my computer charger down there. T.T
So I can't be on my computer all the time.
My grandma's going to sent it back to me in the mail on Monday so I don't know when I'll get it.
But other then that, I missed you all and I'll post when I can!

Camping 8/13/10

Camping 8/13/10 - 8/15/10 People- Andrea D. Bill D. Jamie D. Justin (Jamie’s boyfriend) Jack B. Barb B. Sandy Y. Cathy S. Bob S. Alyssa S. Katie (Alyssa’s friend)...

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I'll be gone

Hello everyone!
I just want to say that I will not be here for the next week or so.
Tomorrow I will be going camping for the weekend.
And when we get back, we're leaveing monday to go down the shore for the week.
So I'll be back whenever, and i'll miss all of you!



I get bored. sO I found this! ...

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