What has got to be the BESTT movie EVER!

I saw this trailer when i was over my boyfriend's house the other day!
I stongly don't like twilight, and I'm soooo happy someone was smart enought to finailly make thiss!!!


I can't wait! I want to see this sooo bad!
and sorry for anyone who does like this, I'll respect your opinion, if you can respect mine!

I'm an anti-twilight girl!


IS it just me or is something worng with the O!? Every time I click to veiw a picture, it only comes upas a little red "X" up in the corner. I've tried refreashing the page, and leaveing the picture and going back to it, back I c...

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Romeo x Juilet

It's so sad. I just finished watching Remeo and Juilet anime.
Me and my sister cried at the end.
okay I thought Maybe this one would be a happy ending. but it can't.
I love it, even through it's sad.
It is the world's best love story EVER to be writen. But IT'S SO SAD! i'm still crying.
I've never read the book yet, but after watching this I want to. I just don't want to cry again but I can't get away from it.

What do you think?

I what to know what you think of this kind of a story line? It's still with my OC's and all but it's more of a bonas chapter. Please give me your full ideas and thoughts. ...

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