Account Shut Down

more of a hold.

I can't make anything because a few days ago while I was uploading the new pages of my comic.... i dropped my laptop and it broke. -__- it doesn't even have a dent in it, but it wont turn on, so my laptop is trash and it has all of my work on it.

Second.... i'm now using my family computer, and have my tablet hooked up to it and everything, and my pen FOR my tablet goes missing...

I'm fucking pissed off. because out of everyone in this whole house, no one fucking knows where it is?! or where they last saw it.

I had my tablet in a safe spot on my computer desk. there's a little shelf here on the computer desk, and my tablet fits into PREFECTLY. and i had my pen with the cord and the base with the shelf, but of course when i go to use my tablet today, my pen isn't there. ...

The tablet is useless with the pen, and i'm so pissed off because I tore the computer desk, my room desk, and the whole house apart to look for it.

so as of right now, I can't do anything invloveing art.

my laptop can't get fixxed until another two or three weeks because we have a camping trip next week, and we don't have the money to get it fixxed, and until I find my pen I can't do anything at all.