A world for all my bunches of OCs~! This way referencing them will be easy for me and you~! ^ ^


A doodle of a character for a story I've been thinking of...

I tried to make him not look like Johan Liebert although he was in my mind when I drew him...XD

It's a Caucasian guy~! :D FINALLY! I never draw Caucasian characters...for some reason when I come up with one it always feels lame.

But the story in my head takes place in America...

It's something I've had in my mind for a while ever since I read some comment by an idiot on this report. I can't seem to find it to give you guys a direct quote but it went something like: All the people in prison should be killed.

Or something like that...and then several people commented in agreement and my mind was just blown. How could somebody be so cruel. This was when the article first came out and for some reason all the comments were extremely negative and cruel. I think there are several comments that are not as extreme as that comment was, but still fairly heartless.

I kept that in mind because that was one of the strangest things I've ever heard a bunch of people agree with. If people hadn't agreed with the guy I don't think I would have cared.

Then I watched The Dark Knight Rises when Bane let all the prisoners free and they started killing everyone.

Really? REALLY? Do you REALLY think people who have committed a criminal act did it happily? Probably on like .01% of the population of criminals would do that and there isn't even that much evidence that they would do it indiscriminately.

I dislike this idea that people who have committed crimes are evil. All they did was break a rule and they should be punished so that they learn from their mistakes. They aren't evil bad people to be feared. I've known a lot of people who've never committed a crime yet they are pretty much scum.

Okay, I'll stop ranting! XD

I thought more about this after reading Watashi no Shiawase na Jikan which addresses so many issues having to do with the humanity of the criminal. What makes me so happy about that story is that somebody who wasn't breaking any rules was probably the most evil character of the story. Even in Blue Heaven, the character who was probably the most evil and scariest even more so than the serial killer hadn't actually killed anyone (yet) but were clearly terrible people.

So my idea stems from all those things...:D

The character in particular...I won't tell you too much in case I ever do something with this story in minnddd...But he is a major character! :D

He is sort of like Light Yagami except not as impulsive and more intelligent...which sounds pretty crazy and extreme 'cause Light was pretteh darn smart, but I think he was dumb in thinking that killing criminals was a good idea.

This character is sort of an anti-hero...but at the same time not...Like he's not a good guy and is sort of scary, manipulative, and is most likely a psychopath.

With this particular story, though. It feels a bit too much like Death Note and V for Vendetta combined...I don't want it to be that way...I just want to make counter to the idea of criminals being evil that was presented in the newest Batman movie.

Basically my idea is about how somebody bombs a prison and their excuse is that they were evil people and deserved death. Of course, there is a ton of backlash from the general public. Then somewhere along the way, to prove a point, a bunch of people begin releasing criminals from prisons and out of panic everyone starts killing each other and they all die the end~! :D

I want to make the same sort of Anonymous thing as V for Vendetta did. It would be important to the theme of the story: We all make mistakes, some drastic and life-ruining, but you shouldn't treat somebody as lesser than you.

The idea of anonymous I quite like...but it bothers me when people think of anonymous as a 'group'...What? What part of 'ANONYMOUS' do they not understand? Anonymous is everyone. I can't wrap my head around this 'group' idea...yes, people do wear their Guy Fawkes masks and protest scientology, but that's just a group of people. It's like saying all Asians are secret ninjas or something. No, man, anonymous is everyone. EVERYONE.

I think I've ranted enough...

One more thing! Since I never do caucasian characters I decided to make him my ideal caucasian guy 'cause...y'know, why not? :D So he looks weird...XD


Klan's Story Part 1

I wrote it because moonlit dream asked for it. I still don't really like it, but hey, it's more for practice~! :D There might be some spelling mistakes or word choice errors....buuuttt...the word processing software I'm using said there we...

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Senora Maripos

I redesigned Señora Mariposa to make her look more Mexican rather than Spanish because I like Mexican fashion/art better than Spanish fashion/art.

I was very foggy on this character but suddenly it all came together! I've found my inspiration from somebody I would never guess...

All these years I never knew that Ataru Nakamura used to be a man...O.O

External Image

I mean I can KINDA hear and see it, but barely.

But she really inspired me to fix Señora Mariposa and figure out that story for her.

Señora Mariposa also used to be a man...or still is (this depends on what time period I choose for the story that she is in)

Señora Mariposa sorta looks like Mana! XD

External Image

Design help!

Trying to redesign the outfit for my OC Suzume.

She wears roller blades and battles in fighting tournaments, of which most of them she is known as a veteran.

She's supposed to look tough, but feminine (ugh, so hard).

I don't even know if I like any of these designs...;m; She's so hard to design clothes for 'cause she's so picky...>3>

Her name is Suzume which means Swallow, so I tried to make her look more like a swallow.

I like the one in the middle for the colours, but the design looks more like a super hero design rather than a fighting tournament character design.

I tried looking at fighting game characters' designs...but then I realized that they all had a certain theme like 'the chinese character' or the 'goth/punk girl' or something...I don't know what her theme is...the video game hoarder roller blading girl?

Also the one in the middle looks less practical. It looks like she'd get hot in it or get her sleeves caught on something...O.o; But not every clothing design is practical...I guess...*shrugs*

Please tell me your opinions!

Also tell me your colour opinions!

Her main colour is pink, but I'm not sure what pink goes good with...I like pink and yellow...;w;

Poke OC: Gym Leader

I already have two trainers so I thought 'Why not make a gym leader oc?'...maybe I'll make an Elite Four OC...but that seems pretteh tough, they're always pretty out there on pokemon types and designs...O.O

He specializes in Dark-type pokemon. I chose his pokemon based on a 'boss' kind of theme. Like those pokemon that seem like crooks, mobsters, etc.. Who are still pretty cool, though. He's not particularly mobster-ish, more like a super super rich young man.

I imagine his gym would be a mansion with gems everywhere which will set of some sort of trap to make you get lost and have to battle other trainers.

I wanted to make a Psychic-type gym leader, but there are already too many of those, so I chose Dark-type, which there are none of. Dark and Psychic types are my favourite, it's a shame they cancel each other out, though...XD