i'm thinking of starting a project, and i was wondering if anyone was interested in joining me. i recently found a book that challenges you to make something every day of the year. so after the year has ended, you have made 365 small art pieces. not the key word here, small! the book also has a journal in it, with a prompt for every single day. some example that are included are- make something out of a piece of toast/bread; write a 10 word love story BONUS: illustrate it; make something with just fingerprints; work only with toilet/paper towel cardboard rolls; take a 5 minute walk and wherever you end up use what you find there for your materials today; ect.
really easy, little project. the author chose to do a skull a day for his first year long challenge. i have decided to do a cat a day, using the prompts in the journal part of the book. i plan on making a world devoted just to this project, and early every morning i will post the day's prompt, and later add my documentation of my cat.

i defiantly plan on starting this year-long project March 1st. but i am hoping that someone else will be inspired to take on this challenge with me, perhaps create their own world dedicated to this, or they could be a guest poster on mine. i would love this to be a community effort. it would defiantly be more fun. just comment or p.m. me.

MintIceCream (me)
fuko chan