Life's Last Hope

I'm writeing my own story, of the Legend of Zelda. I'm writeing on the first chapter right now and still working on it, and with verying else I work on. I start alot of things, probely because I just want to become well known to alot of people.

Storyline write by: Artypants1017 (PrincessZelda1017)
Character Owed by: Nintendo

Link and Zelda start a new journy, but will this story end the same as all the rest? You'll have to wait and see.

Chapter 2

The sun reached out to everything that in sight. It turned out to be an usually hot day. Steam seemed to be coming off of everything. Not the greatest day to be w...

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Life's Last Hope Chapter 1

Life’s last hope Story written by: PrincessZelda1017 Characters owned by: Nintendo ________________________________________________________________ Silence was everywhere. Not a word was said. The air was still. The...

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