Hello~! Konnichiwa~! Ni Hao Ma~! Anyong Haseiyo~! Kamusta~! Komosta~! and all the wonderful greetings of the world.

*Pinay/*CSR before & currently at chat support/*Freelance Artist/*Part time Esl Teacher/*Engaged/

My Alias is Jin Yuki Chan
my devianart un is Jenkawaii
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Black haired but i dyed it copper red & straight hair but i curled half portion of it. Long haired but i plan to cut the curls off prolly after the straight hair is long enough.

Forever is not enough to watch all anime and read manga all over the world.
Wish we could live forever to do this noh?(right?) hehe

Tell me how's ya day doing so far then?

Check out my vid below... yeah i sing... but just a little..;p

The Feeling of Love

KurapikaXHisoka [IMAGE] Jin's note: I'm sick fine! All none yaoi fans say that stit to me hehehe here's there damn price! So please don't ever salvage me for this one ~evil laughter~, I really wanted to write my own yaoi fan fiction ...

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