Where are we

You can find us at www.h2yk.com - we have the entire Tim comic online there, plus some sneak sample art from other things we are doing.


We are sorry we haven't been on here long enough to check out all of our subscribers' new stuff! Truth to tell, we've been so busy trying to get the chapters of Tim done that we haven't had much time to pay attention to anything else!

So please don't think we're ignoring anyone. We're just working hard on getting the chapters out in a timely manner.

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(you can also follow @pitbossandsally, which is also us, but we don't really get on that account too much - it's mostly just a joke account)

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Got a DA Account? Our loyal reader and fave stalker started a DA fan club group for Tim! Follow this link and ask to join! http://ocarina-of-tim-fc.deviantart.com/

Next chapter of Tim coming soon!!

Welcome Wheaties

H2yk would like to welcome Wheaties as the third partner in our collaboration team. Yo Wheaties - say something for the folks at home!!

We're Like Clamp....

This account is a combined account from two established Otaku Users: Haruka Kanata and Hatake Yoshimi. We do so many collaborations that we thought it would just be easier to get a joint account and put up our combined works.

Falsely boosting your own ratings and subscribers is wrong: it is not a true measure on your popularity or your talent. For this reason, H2yk will NEVER subsricbe, hug, or favourite anything done by Hatake Yoshimi and Haruka Kanata. Nor will Haruka or Yoshimi hug, favour, or subscribe to anything H2yk does.

Stories will probably be slow in coming, as Haruka and Yoshimi are working on other things as well.

Our stories would fall under the Humour/comedy catagory, so please enjoy them as they arrive!