Smiling Isoka's Character, Raijin Kumonari

Name: Raijin Kumonari

Age: 15

Looks: Short, white hair with a seemingly green-ish tint to it (think Near from Death Note) and vivid blue eyes. A little taller than average height and slim. Typically wears shorts or something easy to move around in.

Personality: A bit wild at times, has problems with ADHD but refuses to take his medication. Likes to get positive feedback, but also likes to get in trouble sometimes just for the fun of it. He may wind up hurting people with things he says, but he never means it and is usually easily forgiven.

Signature Move: Lightning vortex

Special Abilities: Does being daft count? XD Kidding

Past: Not much to tell right now, but he's adopted (though he doesn't know this, it may come out if it's needed as a plot point, but that's up to everyone since we're a group! *hugs group*) and is originally from the land of clouds. He doesn't really question the fact that he lives in Hidden Leaf and can control lightning basically. Other than that, pretty normal upbringing.

Likes: Chocolate, caffeine, any sweet food, causing trouble, the likes

Dislikes: His ADHD medicine, grouchy people, negative people, show-offs (he'll just try to top them with something bigger and better even if it doesn't work)

Anything Else you can think of: Not that I know of! He's just a sweet little guy with too much energy!