Darksong's character, Melodie Himitsu

Name: Melodie Himitsu
Age: 14
Looks: Slender, about 5’3”, very beautiful with porcelain skin, hip-length raven black hair, and golden eyes. Likes wearing stylish, practical clothes and tends to wear dark colors but likes wearing white.
Personality: She’s observant, empathetic, mysterious, and very powerful. Because she’s quiet people usually think she’s unsocial but she’s actually friendly. She has mixed feelings about her family but is very loyal to them and to Konoha and fears the family secret being revealed. Like Narumi, she’s very popular with boys.
Signature Move: Veil of the Snake – her opponent hallucinates into seeing his worst fears become real
Special Abilities: Her specialties are snake and mind techniques; her mind techniques are also able to be used as if they were genjutsu.
Past: Orochimaru is her uncle and they formed a close bond while she was growing up. He was her mentor and when he defected from Konoha she was never the same again. Before that her family all lived in Konoha but when he defected they left the village; her parents now live in Otogakure. Melodie stayed behind in Konoha and has lived alone since she was 10.
Likes: Music, singing, her pet King Snake Hebi, her job, learning new techniques
Dislikes: People who wrongfully judge others, bad music, her family’s disapproval
Anything Else You Can Think Of: She works at Ichiraku’s and now has a complicated relationship with Orochimaru. His relation to her family is the secret and they don’t approve of his and Melodie’s bond; they’re also ashamed and scared of him.