LittlePooch's character, Kyoka Fusuki

Name: Kyoka Fusuki
Age: 13
Looks: A dark red shawl, long black sleeved shirt, gray tank top over her black shirt, black pants. Short brown hair with bangs, dark blue eyes, and she next to never wears her head band because of two reasons; she still doesn't think she deserves it and doesn't want it to ruin it.
Personality: She's a little shy, but will stand to what she things is "right" and "wrong". Her self-esteem is very low as well as self-confidence. Though Kyoka can be a little childish when it comes to wining and losing.
Signature Move: It’s where a series of things happen that couldn’t make sense in the real world, and acts more or less like a dream. (Like going into a house and everything being upside down and you walking on the ceiling.)
Special Abilities: Not much, just her signature and she has learned a little medical because her parents are medic ninjas.)
Past: She’s originally from the Sand village, but her parent’s moved to the Leaf once they became allied (when Kyoka was 10.) she still doesn’t like it as much as the Sand village, but doesn’t want to say anything. Her parents are both medical ninjas, so they aren’t home much, and sometimes get calls to come back and help in the Sand and they leave Kyoka with her Aunt.
Likes: reading, (sounds creepy, but) watching people (like while they train.) and swimming.
Dislikes: Attracting attention, having to give speeches, the fact that she’s the youngest in her class. (she recently just turned 13.)
Anything Else you can think of: She mostly uses genjutsu so she doesn’t have to fight and knows a small extent of medical ninjutsu.