Tuesday, 12:11 PM

February 1

Happy February, everyone!!! :D
So, yeah... I've been dead on this blog for a while. It's not like people read it, Ace-chan. XD I do have several things to say, though...
i just need break from all this media CRAP. I have an animation project to work on with Angel-chan, but I've been having to work on a freaking COLLEGE AWARENESS MONTH video that I was almost done with (just needed a voiceover) but now January's over and it doesn't matter. I'm probably going to be kicked out of this class because I'm not maintaining a C average. I'm going to try finishing it and turning it in superlate during lunch. DX Anyways, I'm going over to Angel's house this Friday again to try to make up for our procrastination. We have done two pictures. EPIC FAIL. orz
Oh, I've gotten her into Full Metal Alchemist! >:D *satisfied smirk* it's what I do. Well, I'll prolly post more later today... or tomorrow... yup. Anyways, Ja ne! (For now... >w>)