Welcome to Wonderland! Expecting rainbows, talking animals, tea parties, and a world like a child's imagination? Well you're in the wrong place. Wonderland is a game. Well at least it is to the person who made it. The "Queen." We are prisoners in this sick game. We awaken to mysteriously find ourselves alone in Wonderland (an island). No memory of who we are or where we came from. Only our names. A dog tag with the engraving of a playing card and the role we are to play in this game. The higher the points on your head the higher your tag. Those in the roles of animals were genetically modified before being placed in Wonderland. Each of us has been captured due to resemblances to characters from Lewis Carroll's masterpiece.

The Queens goal: To hunt each player down through any means and kill them.

List of Characters & Ranks:

*You can have duplicates of characters*

Joker ~ Queen Of Hearts

Ace: Alice ~ littlepooch

King: Mad Hatter ~ Cooki Monstress

Queen: Cheshire Cat ~ Me ~ Rp Leader

Jack: White Rabbit ~ clueless101 ~ MIA

Ten: Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum

Nine: Blue Caterpiller ~ IChiTa

Eight: March Hare ~ xNotUnderstood

Seven: Dormouse ~ DramaticCheezcake

Six: King of Hearts ~ Bluemoon Halo ~ MIA

Five: The Duchess ~ Cooki Monstress

Four: Flamingo ~ iamEssence

Three: Hedgehog ~ littlepooch

Two: Dodo ~ kyouyarenge





Story Thus Far

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we still restarting :<

I really wanna keep the rp up...r we still restarting?


Ok. I am going to restart this world! You can now have more than one of each role. But because of this they will have to use their real names -3- So no more calling them Ches or Hattie or Dormouse...they will be themselves. But cute little nicknam...

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Please Respond

Ok...so how would everyone feel if we restarted? I might change some stuff too if you want. Like maybe there can be more than one of each character? That way it's not so limited? If not then I might end up deleting it. I'm cutting back on m...

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Dodo Profile

Ne...since someone new joined do ya think we can get going again? Role: Dodo Real Name: Vinny Gender: male Age: 16 Personality: Childish (actually still looks like a sixth grader), fun loving, really nice and alw...

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Just get going... all of you...

~Blue Caterpillar~ And blue! God dam*it!! Stay out of there fight! After hearing the Hattress' comment. He glared at the pissed of Hattress. " How can I stay out of the fight ?! I just wanted ...

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