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"Courage and perseverance are important if one is to run anything resembling a news organization...the folks at theOtaku.com have demonstrated themselves to have ample quantities of both."
~ TCJ (The Comics Journal)

"A couple years of experience in the Otaku circle have taught me at least one good lesson--to trust Adam."
~ myO member

"Adam is actually a decently accomplished troll."
~ Allamorph

"The scale of Adam's cunning genius is truly frightening."
~ TimeChaser

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Ace Attorney Movie Madness

I just bought my ticket to see a screening of the Ace Attorney live action movie on July 15th. It's directed by Takashi Miike, a famous, gore-loving Japanese director, so it should be interesting.

Who here plays with perler beads? I've been making video game sprites out of them. It requires a tremendous amount of patience and time but the results are pretty rad.

New Orleans Rocks

I just got back from a nice trip to New Orleans. Awesome city for adults to visit!

Post Office Blues

Instead of sending the three copies of Arrietty to our contest winners, the company is sending them to me! Ugh! Now I have to deal with all the packing and shipping stuff.


(Translation: Prizes may take longer to arrive than normal)

Woohoo! Alpha Done!

The alpha version of my Monster game is done!!

It'll take about 10 minutes to play from beginning to end. It finishes on a cliffhanger to give you all a taste.

I'm thinking about whether to release it in alpha or spend some time and add music/sound and a couple tweaks.