Hey guys! I just thought I'd upload one of my new stories I'm working on=3
Oh and keep in mind that this story is FICTIONAL and not real what so ever especially her little "fear". Yeah...and oh before I forget this story has had only been through a little editing so I'm sorry if there's bad grammar and stuff.Well any way I hope you guys enjoy and critics are always welcomed!!XD

Chapter 1

My name is Akiko Takanasi and yes, I am a girl. I am sixteen and haven’t had a single boyfriend. The thing I’m afraid of, if anything is disabled people. I don’t know why really, I just am and you’d think that being a 16 year old girl that never boyfriend would strike the fact that I might die alone as an old woman with ninety cats, would be my fear but it’s not.
My everyday transportation is the morning and evening trains. In the morning it’s quiet and peaceful since there’s not really anyone on at the time that I ride it, but the evening train is a whole other story. There are so many people that ride it that you couldn’t walk in baby steps without bumping into somebody. Well anyways I find that the best way to pass the time is to bring a good book to read and Today I lucked out because there was a open seat right by the entry way. Which is good for me since it’s more enjoyable to read while sitting and on top of that I get to see all the strange characters that enter. I sat down and pulled my English speaking for dummies book. I don’t really read it I just kind of glance at it to make fun of it since they kind of talk to you like a kid and since its pretty big it makes a good cover up when you want to watch people.
“Now boarding Kanto next stop Osaka.”
The doors slide open, that’s my cue I peeked over my book. Then first people to enter was a small child and his mother followed by a business man talking away on his phone, a group of high school girls chatting about something, then lastly a man with a half a doughnut sticking out of his mouth a crooked tie and had papers trailing behind him who looked like he was in a rush.
“Now departing for Osaka”
Well they look like your everyday typical passengers you see riding the train. So I guess there’s nothing else to do but get back to the book that I’m never going to fully read.
“Zwoop” the train doors opened
It sounds like there’s a late passenger trying to get on board apparently the phrase be on time or get left behind doesn’t ring a bell to them. Even so I couldn’t resist the urge to look up, and right when I did my heart skipped a beat because rolling in was a man in a wheel chair.
He was about 6’2 if he was to stand up but his black and silver wheel chair bumped him down to about 5’6 with some pretty chiseled features. His light brown hair was slicked back like that gay from the movie Grease, his eyes were the color of coconut or what I would nickname conut brown and hairy. He was wearing a nice white tuxedo with a black shirt and black hancheif picking out of his coat pocket ( apparently no one ever told him that kids ride this train and not really well behaved kids I might add) with a neatly straighten silver tie and belt perfectly shined shoes ( in short he was looking better than me…). The guy who was rolling him in was wearing all black and when I mean all black I mean ALL black except for a red rose in his coat pocket. His hair was also and long almost half way down his back (which is probably why he had it put in a ponytail) with some white strikes showing so he had to be in his 40’s or 50’s on the other guy (Wait what? Do you mean on the other side?)I couldn’t tell but he must be young since he didn’t have any grey or white in his hair (well none that were visible anyway) Now this guy was about 6’6 if not an inch taller and built the guy in the chair looked like he had a little something going on but on this guy it was noticeable which made me surprised that he could even get through the train doors but he found some way. I didn’t catch what color his eyes or what his face looked like since he was looking down.
They made their way to the back of the train my eyes following them. I’m not entirely sure but I think I saw coconut brown and hairy glance and give me a smile but I didn’t want to risk it by keeping on staring at him, so I returned to my book not leaving its pages until it was my time to get off the train.

“I’m home.” I said trying to dangle my keys out of the door. Nobody answered. I closed the door behind me, tossed my bag down then slipped out of my shoes and into slippers making my way to the kitchen. It’s usually pretty late when I get home but nobody is ever at home. I turned on the kitchen lights because it was pretty dark outside then I opened the refrigerator door for some water I caught something in the corner of my eye that was sitting on the table. Closing the door I made my way toward it. Ah it’s a note from mom, it read:
“I am sooooooo sorry Akiko!!!! Mommy and daddy had to work late again so we won’t be home until later in the night. But I’ve stocked the refrigerator so eat anything you want and I also made you dinner if you want it. Also don’t stay up to late or you’ll be too tired later.”
With Love,
Honestly this women act’s like it’s the first time I’ve been home alone before. Well whatever at least I can do what I want without her breathing down my neck but I guess I’ll go study since I’ve got nothing better to do. I went back to the entry way grabbed my books then made my way up stairs to my room, making a soft landing on my bed. Shuffling through my bag I pulled out my history book. Hours and hours went by and I was only able to study 2 whole pages. Well I guess I won't be studying then. I tossed the history book aside and went to bed.
That night I had the strangest dream. I was in a cold damp foggy forest where the trees had no leaves and the branches were all droopy, and I was walking, well more like floating, what seemed endlessly to where? I have no clue, but then I see the bright red light and I keep following it until I get to this open part of the forest. There, I see this red and white rose just floating out in the open. Then the petals start to drop and when they do their light that they had before slowly goes away and they turn brown, wilt, and then turn into ash. I could feel these red hot tears falling from my face, running I try to grab hold of the flower but as soon as I touch it a black hole appears and I’m sucked into it along with the dream. The last thing I see before I’m completely sucked in is the flower still continuing to wilt.
I awake finding my face and pillow soaking wet the next morning. I rolled over and glanced at my clock, 9:30 am was the time. *Sigh*. I laid trying to think about what that dream was, to me dreams don’t have any significant meaning they just happen and that’s all but that dream last night felt different somehow, though it could’ve been that squid jerky I had for lunch yesterday to.
Well I anyway, today I don’t have classes so maybe I’ll go to the Nakumaru Nationatioal building, but first I think I’ll sleep a little longer.
By the time I woke up from round 2 of my slumber it was 1:26 pm. After I fought against my covers for awhile I finally found my strength to get up, but it didn’t stop there. It took me 3 whole hours to get ready, and it usually takes about 1 hr and 45 minutes give or take a few depending on how tired I am. I guess my mom was right; I would be too tired in the morning.
I moseyed ( lol is it moved?) my way downstairs and then to the kitchen to find that there was another note on the table. Even though I can pretty much sum up what it says, but that didn’t stop me from opening it. This time it was from my father.
The note read:
“I’m sorry sweetie, please forgive us!!! We had to pull morning shift so you’ll be home alone again, and we really wanted to spend time with you today to. Well there shouldn’t be any problems today so we should be able to have dinner tonight. Oh and before I forget I made you a bento just in case.”
Well dad at least keeps his notes short and simple. You’d think this would surprise me, but it doesn’t. My parents are workaholics and haven’t had a day to themselves in years, but they do work trying jobs. Mom who’s an actress and a pretty good one I might add gets call back after call back, plus she’s a people pleaser so ‘no’ isn’t in her vocabulary. Also she likes to travel so that’s adds on to (although I do get some pretty awesome souvenirs from around the world). She said that as soon as she gets back that we’ll go on a family vacation together…..but that was 9 years ago. Then there’s dad who’s a banker and a small business owner of Japan incorporated Inc. comes home every now and then, but has to leave immediately after. I almost forgot what they look like, though if it’s one thing they have never forgotten, it was my birthday. Whether it was a card with a cheesy saying or a small gift I always got something. This at least reassured me that they were always thinking of me.