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We need to all Help a serve the country WE all Love. Its time to Pay our respects and Give in return!!!!


  • When Japan lost a large chunk of its electricity-generating capacity to the one-two punch of earthquake and tsunami, the narrative in parts of one of the world’s most technologically advanced societies was transformed overnight into one of Third World hardship.

    For most Japanese, the rolling outages instituted in the wake of the twin disasters translate to inconvenience, sacrifice and economic loss. But for tens of thousands who are now homeless and huddled in evacuation centers in the hard-hit northeast, the stakes are much higher.

    "In known evacuation centers, people who reached actual evacuation centers, you have a half million Japanese displaced. They don't have water, they don't have electricity, they don't have oil," said Sheila Smith, senior fellow for Japan Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations. "And the temperatures are... dipping below freezing because it's snowing in most of those regions. So there's an acute humanitarian crisis today in Japan.”

    To help ou and donate go to/click to Japan Aid Fundraiser



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Supercon 2012

Alright next saturday im heading out to florida supercon 2012 and im cosplaying as shuuhei hisagi from bleach and see if i can do the photo shoot too, this is my frist time going to an anime convention and im so syched!!!!!


One Off Anime Annouced, Junichi Sato to Direct

The official Twitter account for a new 2012 Junichi Sato (Aria series, Tamayura, Kaleido Star) project began displaying information about One Off, the director's latest title. While the account was previously named "@satojun2012," its name has changed to "@anime_oneoff." According to the account, more information regarding the anime will be posted today, including visuals, a promotional video, and a website.



Ok, Recently ive been on a series of anime explorations in other words new anime for me. So ill be posting Reveiws on certain anime shows for either newcomers or Otaku level personels.Hope your excited as i am!!

K-ON on DVD in english dub?!!!!!!

Hahaha alright im so syched it will show this tuesday! IM SO GONA GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!