Glad to be apart of the team.

A few things have happened since last post:

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  • I finally fixed my usernames on both here and Minitokyo - so that 'Solenm' is spelled correctly. For a long while I've thought about it, and eventually, my inner loathing for typos won the battle and I had it fixed.

  • I've recently been promoted! I'm no longer an Otaku Eternal, I'm a Moderator now. ;) I've been making reports here for a while (and even reached the 100 searches per 24 hour limit on SauceNAO multiple times - did you know that existed? ;A; T'was the bane of my existence until I finally PM'd the mod there and got the limit increased for my IP), and so recently I was asked to join the moderating team. I sound subuded, but my real emotions right now are something like-

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  • I finally watched the movie True Grit. Such an amazing movie, and while most of you probably didn't, I totally cried like an idiot at the ending. It wasn't terribly sad, it was just... realistically bitter. More realistic than the original, honestly. Thus, I shed some tears. Good side is, now I can really appreciate these awesome things, x & x - bask in the awesome.