Many issues with computers, and switching PCs has left this without any updates (I'm working on it though), but I felt as though I needed to mention this. Looking through the gallery today and many other times, and I've noticed something and thought I should mention it, to make sure people avoid it when making eCard & wallpapers.

Be careful with renders and where you pull them from. DeviantART, renders-graphiques, Anime Render, Planet Render (and plenty other websites) might have 'excellent' wallpaper/graphics resources, but many people take Pixiv or other unofficial artworks, create renders with them, and then post them for people to use. With the original background gone/the image altered, reverse searching with any website becomes much more difficult (;_; oh god, you have no idea), and can lead people to thinking that it's not fan art since the artwork doesn't turn up any results when reverse searching for it.

Blame can be directed towards the people posting the renders, but in the end, you are responsible for what you post, and you need to always know the exact source of what you're using in wallpapers & eCards, & find more trustworthy websites and/or learn how to render scans yourself.

To help, here's a couple of websites that have renders/transparent PNGs made from scans: x, x, x, x, x (sweetdevil's site)

Please be careful. ;__;