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What Are The Chances!

i recently took a trip to hawaii with my sister and my mom and the most outrageous stuff happened while we were there.(all organized in order of occourence.)absolutely none of this was made up and all of it; every l...

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Ahahahaa! I had a show to do yesterday (Crazy for You) and I got the part of one of the follies girls so that meant we had to wear a TON of makeup and stuff like half ponytails with curled hair. I have some bangs so i had to pin them back for the show too. when I walked into the theater, i started talking to my friends, but they just looked at me really wierdly. i looked around to see if anything out of the ordinary was happening,but instead i just realized that everyone was staring at me too, with the same wierded out expressions. "whats going on?" i asked my friends. but instead of an answer, i got a confused,"ummm...." thats when a little boy i knew walked up and asked me,"...uh, who are you?"

so the rest of the day i had to explain to EVERYBODY who i was. apperantly i was "unrecognizable"