yesterday, I was reallly excited all day for my rehearsal for our production of Peter Pan. {I got Peter Pan (= } so i waited ALL day and i get to 6th per. the entire time, im looking at the stupid clock, then fnally she dismisses us to walk around the room, stack chairs, etc.


really had to go to the bathroom, so she let me pick up my stuff and leave since the bell would ring in like a minute. after id been in the bathroom for a few minutes, washing my hands, i started spacing out thinking... actually, about food, because i was getting hungry and also what id eat when i got home lol.


i had totally forgotten about my rehearsal. BING! BING! BING! the bell rings, setting me free. My reflexes kick in, and i HEAD FOR THE BUS!!!! IDIOT!!!!

So basiacally, i was excited for rehearsl, and i got on the stupid bus my mistake!!!!! Ahahahaa!