please fill this out


So over the weekend i tried to hack my IPod..... It wiped out everything! My fanfictions that i was writing EVERYTHING!!!! I'm such a dumbshit. I really am stupid. So I'm going to have to write two new stories......... sence I can't remember them at all........ dangit.....
Deidara: Well at least your free time now has plans.
Me: ya whatever.
Deidara: Well I tried....

Stories That Will be Posted on Fanfic.net

So ya as the title says I will be posting stories on fanfic.net. I just resantly started to type them on my IPod. Also it might be awhile before i post my first one because, I might type a bunch of chapters on my IPod then post, and I'm trying to type more than one at a time at the moment....... Soooooo..... Ya. I guess that's it for now. Oh! And I try to keep everyone posted for when i post chapters.


i don't even know anymore.....

Ok it's like 12:00 at night and i'm bored on sleep tonight maybe. O well. i don't need it! lol!