Hello every one!

I will write my adventures and my friends, brothers and sister adventures too in Ragnarok.

First I will start with one brothers adventures in Ragnarok.
Most of these stories are true. And some are not, like the parts with the family, or when they are eating.

There are three main characters, and they are~

Ranbon - Gunslinger

Rikuda - Acolyte

Ferrik - Swordsman

There are more characters then just them.

Novice Grounds

Hello every one! Here's the first bit of the story.

Novice Grounds~

It's a normal day at the novice grounds, Nothing big as happen for some time.
As Ferrik waited for Ranbon and Rikuda, He herd people start too to scream.
He runs to the front gate. Ferrik~ "What's going on ?! Why are people screaming?!". The gate keeper puts he's spear in front of the gate. Gate keeper~ " No one is aloud inside at the moment, It's too dangerous!".
Some calls for the gate keeper. Gate Keeper~ "Stay here! Don't move!".
He runs inside. Ferrik~ "What's going on in there? I can't stay here and wait here while people are dieing in there! Ugh!!! I can't take it any more!". He runs in. 2Gate Keeper~ Hey what are you doing?! You'll die in there!

Ferrik~ It's so dark in here. Where is every one?... "Some one help me!!!"
Ferrik~ I'm coming! Where are you?! "Over here!" There are so many injured people I can't find him! "HELP!!!" I found yo- I my GOD! IT'S THE MASTERING!
I can't fight that! Gate Keeper~ Stay away novice! It's too strong for you- AHHHHH! Ferrik~ Gate keeper!!! I can't just stand here and do nothing! I have to FIGHT!!!! The second gate keeper comes and kills the porings that where heading towards Ferrik. 2Gate Keeper~ I have your back.
Ferrik~ Thanks! 2Gate Keeper~ If we all work together we can defeat him. Ok! Ferrik nods he's head. Ferrik~ Let's do IT! HYAAAAAHHH!

Some time after. Ranbon~ What's taking him so long. Rikuda~ Maybe he's inside already. Ranbon~ I don't think so. He said to wait here and he promised he was not going in with out us. Ferrik~ Hey guys! Ranbon~ Finally!!! Your here. What the hell toke you so long?! Ferrik~ I was busy. Ranbon~ Well lets go now! I can't wait another damn minute! Rikuda~ Well let's go in. Gate Keeper3~ You may now enter...~~~~~

Well that's it for now. I hope you like it!


Here's a pic of Ferrik their leader.

It's Rikuda!

Here's a pic of Rikuda and her pet.


Is any one there?


Here is a pic of Ranbon~

Now before I start I want to know if you guys want me to do this.
So do you all want me to write my stories?