Let me tell you a little bit about myself...

Name: clueless101 (clue/Sara)
DOB:September 22, 1992
Eye color: light blue/grey
Hair: Strawberry blonde
Height: 5'2"
Relationship: Taken

If you want to know more about me or even RP with me shoot me a PM I will be more then happy to chat~ :3

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Short Update and new challenge idea!

Well I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm getting close to done with my Patrick Cosplay. I won't be doing the contacts since when I ordered them on the 10th the next day I was refunded my money because they were out of stock. So I'll just be doing my normal eyes for this one. I've gotten all but the Wig now and I really hope it comes in today. Since that's the biggest part of the cosplay and his hair has so much detail in it oTL

Any who I do get to work on Halloween which is nice because that means I won't have people dragging me out to go and party then being the party pooper durning the party. I also FINALLY started typing chapter 24 for A Little Secret. It's only been written out for a few months and been sitting there in my binder. oTL I have chapter 25 written out too it's just actually sitting down to type and edit.

I'm also working on a few line less that I'm sure people have seen in this world. I just have to figure out which I want to work on for a little bit to take a break from typing. for a bit. Though I still have to fold my laundry and all that fun stuff. Well I just wanted to let everyone know what I've been up to. I hope that everyone has been doing alright.

I think I've also figured out what I want my next challenge to be! It was going to be taking the movie/ anime/ cartoon / video game characters that we love that are not human and personifying them.

For example: Minions, Walle and Eve, Transformers, Madagascar movies!, The regular show, Kung Fu Panda, etc...

What do you all think?!

Good movie's that are coming out.

If anyone was having a hard time remembering when some good movies were coming out on DVD and Blue Ray I figured I would put the dates up here for everyone. It also helps me remember lol

X-Men Days of Future Past- Available Now

How to Train Your Dragon 2- November 11th

Road to Ninja Naruto the Movie- November 25th

Legend of Korra Book Three: Change- December 2nd

Guardians of the Galaxy- December 9th

Those are the only ones that I can think of for now. If anyone knows of other ones let me know and I'll stick them up on the list!

Raven's Mega Line less

I've been working on Raven's mega as a line less. I'm not too far with making it actually look line less because I started with the line art but what do you all think?

What Ven looks like lineless

I switched of the line art on my Ven picture and I wanted to show you all how it looked with out the lines.

I think it looks kind of cool with out the lines minus the spots that you can tell where the lines were lol.

Lineless WIP

I'm trying to do a lineless art for once and I am doing it for my Gijinka Peter's evolution into a pidgeot. I figured out what I want him to look like for his mega before I decided on his final evolution look oTL

But I'm working on his final form first. I'm hoping to get this done today, but we'll see how long I can sit still and work on it. XD