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Save Hyrule is up and running!

Just to let those who have been busy know and are in Save Hyrule! We have officially started the RP!!

Banner Update

Finished the banner and it is now up! Just so you don't have to go back to the main part of the world to look for it here's what it looks like. ...

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Made a Redbubble account

I made a red bubble account. I do plan to make more fanart to have up there. But if you would like to check out what I have now/ just check out the site in general go for it!. Redbubble

Semi chibi reference sheet

I'm going to open a slot for this beca...

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I have Discord

Just bringing this back up for those who have discord and want to add me In case anyone here has one and would like to RP sometimes or even just chat about RP groups here and other stuff, my name on there is clueless101#377...

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