OH wonderful dreams

So I had an interesting dream last night. Have you ever had a dream where you weren't in it specifically but it felt like you were watching a movie and you couldn't do anything to help out the characters? Well that's what kind of dream that I had last night. I was an interesting dream that I might be able to make into a story because I thought it was that interesting and I actually frickin' remembered it.

Anyways it was about Relatively about Legend of Zelda. But it wasn't like any of the actual Legend of Zelda's that Have been made in the past 25 years. Even from my dream I wasn't too sure what the back story was but I can think of one later right now I just want to get this down before I actually do forget it. It was where there was a small group of people that have been in hiding for a good amount of time. They were hiding in what looked like an abandoned house on the outside but it was actually well furbished on the inside. Link was one of the people with special powers. At first I was confused at what his power was because he never used it as he was helping out around the house like everyone else in the little "family" would. Princess Zelda was in it as well. She was one of the "special" people and the leader of the group.

Zelda told Link to go and look for one of the little girls that had wandered off into one of the abandoned houses just down the street. She says to him that he is the only one that would be able to get out of there with the girl with out getting caught. That seemed to be like the typical Legend of Zelda game. You're the one that has to go and get something and what not. Well before you leave the house Zelda tells like to be careful and that a group of the special forces that I forgot the name of have been a few blocks away. Then he walks out of the house and makes his way to a house that was a few houses down from where they were staying. Link looks around the house and doesn't find anyone so he sighs and is about to head out when he hears the door down stairs open. In a panic Link looks around and hides in one of the cabinets that were left behind when the people moved out years ago.

He covered his mouth to cover his breathing. After he was able to slow down his breathing someone came into the room. Their loud heavy steps echoed through the room. "Come out come out where ever you are." The man said. This is when I found out what Link's power was. He was able to teleport. Link teleported to the rafters and just in time too the man looked in the cabinet and reached in. The man seemed pissed because he slammed the cabinet shut and stormed out of the room.

"We found one!" Some one down the hall shouted then there was a scream of a little girl. Link teleported back down to the floor and ran out of the room. The little girl spotted Link and yelled out for him. The small group of men that were carrying the girl away. Link managed to teleport a few times to get to the girl but before he could grab her away from the man he was hit hard in the back of the head and he passed out. Everything faded to black then came back into focus with Link chained up to a wall in a dungeon. Link panics and tries to teleport but he get's shocked form the chains that are holding him up when he does.

"You're friends were found and taken to someplace other then here." A voice stated and Link looked around but couldn't figure out where the voice was coming from. "Do you want me to help you out so you can save your friends?"

That's when I woke up. So it was really like a new game and I was sitting in front of the tv going through the game as Link. I think it would be an interesting legend of Zelda game to play.