Hey friends what's up?
Ok so o just finished watching an Anime and I have to say it was
I would like to start watching a while lot more soon ( so o cam be up to date)
Lol. So what is an Anime that you have watched that you thought was just amazing?
I know there are a lot of great Anime out there but there a least has to be one that you just
Truly loved. Right?
On another note I will hopefully have other things up here besides post so hang in there.
Thanks. :)


Ok so this club is just getting started so I think I will ask a simple question.
How many mangas have you read and what were they?


hey whats up. this club is about anime and japanese.
i will post news about anime cons. and on mangas and stuff like that.
so i hope you like anime and i hope you like japan and i hope you like my club.