hi i’m akachi and this is my room here i will talk about stuff that happens though out the day i hope you like it.
fav anime: tsubasa rc, x/1999, xxxholic, code geass, highschool of the dead, howl's moving castle, ponyo, kuroshitsuji, death note, soul eater, FMA: Brotherhood, fma, black rock shooter, yamada’s first time, Rosario vampire
fav character's: kamui(vampire), subaru(vampire), kamui, subaru, fai d. flowright, mokona(black), mokona(white), yuko ,chaos, fuma, seishiro, lelouch, l lawliet, beyond birthday, sebby, ciel, howl, ponyo, soul, black star, kon, death the kid, suzaku, Blair, takashi, Kallen, saya, zeke, ed, al, black hayate, black rock shooter, dead master
Favorite bands: jack off Jill, linkin park, mindless self-indulgence, short stack, these kids wear crowns, nightcore

And if there’s any requests just ask

Best Friends






aka yuki


also I have an account of devinart with more artworks and stuff like that and if any of you's have an account too could you send me the link?
I would love to see your other artwork on it

here's the link to mine ----->


way to long and thank you!!

OK its been way to long since I've done anything on here and I'm so sorry!

I've been spending so much time on facebook with the boyfriend and I've been uploading all my art to DeviantArt (which I've gotten so much better out ) and I've gotten into writing fanfics too which I might upload here so it gets around more and so I'm on here more once I work all the kinks out because a lot of things have changed on the uploading side so I need to work it all out

but aside from that how is everyone!? I miss a lot of you guys so need to catch up with everyone!

my life has been alright I finally got started on my long life dream that I had from when I was a kid which is collecting dragon statues, ever since I was little I've loved seeing them in stores and now that I have money I get them and so far from just one year I have gotten 16 and all together they cost just over $500 (I never said they were cheap)

also im now 18 and have already gotten drunk hahaha and thank you for all the happy birthdays and gifts~!

I've also finished high school and collage too so no more home work! -insert evil laugh-

I promise I'll try to be on more often~!


hey guys i know its been awhile again but been really busy

its my last year of high school so test and all that stuff only have 11 more weeks of school left till im done with school forever!
plus with my job and tafe aswell and boyfriend has been taking my time up more then anything heheh

good to back hopefully ill be on more

hey!!! :D

hey guys its been awhile (again) to start with I hope everyone had a good a Christmas and New Years :)

happy birthday to all those that I have missed and happy valentines day to everyone for this Friday (just saying just in case I don't get on) ^^

now for the REAL reason why I'm back is because I hate valentines day because every year I was alone, my friends when off with boys, dates ect. I never even got a simple "happy valentines day" said to me but this year I thought would be the same BUT NOW I've got a new boyfriend ^^
his name is Anthony, he was my best friend (who I had a crash on) and he was single so I asked him if we can be each other valentines just as friends because if you can be with a love one, be with your best mate. but then one of my other friends asked if I could be his girlfriend, so I asked Anthony what would he say if a had a boyfriend and what he told me sent me to tears. he said he would commit suicide because he wanted me but couldn't bring himself to say it, and said all these sweet about me and I just couldn't see him like that so I said no to my other friend and now in Anthony's girlfriend. :) I've never seen him so happy before so this years valentines is gonna be really good for me ^^

I just want it to end...

I wish someone would just put a gun to my head and pull the trigger and end this so called "life" of mine...

good and bad news

Ok I have one piece of good news and two pieces of bad news I'll start with the good news :)

Good news:
Im going to upload my other art works here ^^ and if they dont fit the size thingy on the submit then I'll post them up on my new world which im about to make so any artwork that I cant submit will go into that world ^^

Bad news:

1. Im over guys!!!! I was dating a guy who was sweet but then we broke up cause it wasn't going anywhere and yea I know that was like 5 months ago and I'm over it but he's being a real f***ing a$$ to me plus the guy i REALLY like has friendzoned me to the max so I'm over guys they are just baka's!! (Not all boys are so please don't take offense to this guys ^^; )

2. I've fallen into depression :( I've been so lonely that I feel like no one wants me around so I've fallen back into depression.... the school only just found out and are worried and my mum found out last week and she's VERY worried cause like I said "I've fallen back into depression" this is my second time having it and the last time I tried commit suicide so that's why she's very scared that I might try and do that again.....