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Girls related song..

this song is a song that is most related to all the girls in the world, it's called "I almost do" and "All to well" from Taylor Swift :)

check out these video below to listen them.. aren't they beautiful?

I almost Do

All too Well


Hi Music Lovers :)

I finally made this world, had this idea for a while in my head but just got a chance to make it now.. :)
We all know, that music is like air that we breathe, we can't live without it. and it has been a part of our life..
There are many kind of Music, I personally love country, pop, hip hop, metal, rock, and blues music.. I also have a special interest with Anime Soundtrack, which included a lot of different type of music.
I have a lot of musician/singer/band that I adore so much.. it's hard to list all of them. However I'll tell you some of my top fav artist/musician ^^

1. Taylor Swift (Nashville)
2. Demi Lovato (USA)
3. Yuki Kajiura / Including the band that she made "Kalafina" and "fiction junction (Japan- mostly known for their song as Anime OST)
4. YUI (Japan)
5. Girl Generation (Korea)

those five are my most respectable artist/musician/singer

oh and I am currently SO obsessed with Hunter Hayes, he is just SO cute, Handsome, and has a magical voice, his music is something that make you feel fresh and confidence.. I especially love his smile

So for the starter of this world, I will post you the video of Hunter Hayes

I've never get tired of listening to this song xD

For reminder, I made this world for EVERYONE. Which it means if you wanna share your music here, please send me message and I will add you as a guest here :)