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Boyce Avenue COVER

While I am making icon request, music of Boyce Avenue accompany me, they are famous as band/musician who cover songs of famous artist. He is awesome, and I would love to share you all some of my favorite cover done by Boyce Avenue ^^

3 doors down - Here Without you

Christina Perri - Jar of Heart (Boyce avenue ft Tiffany Alvord cover

Miley Cyrus - We can't stop (Boyce avenue ft. Bea Miller Cover)

Vanessa Carlton - A thousand Miles (Boyce avenue ft. Alex Goot cover)

Bruno Mars - When I was your man (Boyce Avenue ft. Fifth Harmony cover)

Bruno Mars - It will Rain (Boyce Avenue Cover)

Taylor Swift - Last Kiss (Boyce Avenue feat. Megan & Liz acoustic cover)

there are more of his/their awesome cover, so you should check out their youtube by clicking here


Taylor Swift - Eyes Open (ost. The hunger games)

keep your eyes open guys, so that u won't miss things that will be valuable for your life


Taylor Swift - MEAN

An opening song for this year, for all of you.. this is my support for you, I encourage you to do your best to make 2014 be an awesome year.. I love you :) <33

Remember December


I really love this song, it's an old one but it has so much meaning for me :) and the title is fit as the song for the end of this year..

Hit the lights

This song is the one that I listen when I am feeling down and want to forget about everything.. just lost in the music, love this <33

Selena Gomez - Hit the lights