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Ammy Lee's goddess voice <3

Just found this on youtube, and I guess you guys should watch this :)


I look up through my old music folder to listen to some of my old favorite songs.. turned out I had a lot of good music that never gets old.. some of them are from my favorite musician/band/singer such as Evanescence, Breaking Benjamin, Dead by April, Linkin Park, etc.. there are a lot of them.. so I think in the near time what I will post on this world will mostly from my old music folder, the music that never gets old.. I hope you can enjoy them as much as I do ^^

for now, let's began with EVANESCENCE, I won't post their very popular song such as Bring me to Life or Immortal, I am sure many people knows that.. well, all their song are popular of course since they are so good. So I will post it here beside those two songs ^^







there are more of their songs that just as amazing as these, but I won't have much space to post them all here XD Amm lee sure have such a goddess voice, love here a lot ^^
music never gets old, that's what true music is all about <33

Back to December

Taylor swift - Back to December

this song has a very deep meaning to me, as it describes one story on my life which is unforgettable..
this song is the inspiration of my latest card, which I published on my Gallery world since I can't publish it on public gallery

such a touching and meaningful song, I can't help to fall some tears when I listen to this song

Lonely in Gorgeous

Lonely in Gorgeous - Tommy February6 (ost Paradise Kiss)

my inspiration for my latest card

love this song, and the series sooo much


Katy Perry - Unconditionally

I love music because of the meaning and the emotion behind every melody and every words. I love musician/singer than can show how deep is the emotion behind his song. I love this song "unconditionally", because I think the melody and how she sing this song shows the meaning of this music so perfectly