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Let it go (Official Music Video)

The official music video of "Let it go" Ost Frozen by Demi Lovato

Neon Lights (New Single)

Brand new single from Demi lovato latest album "DEMI", it's called Neon Lights.. I have love this song ever since the album came out, as expected from my hero Demi.. we can see her creativity, talent, and her huge voice skill on this song.. I love her to death

My Oh My

Girls Generation - My Oh My

it's so cute, I love it

Best Song of (SNSD) Kim Taeyeon

BEST SONG OF KIM TAEYEON (I couldn't agree more )

0:00 If
04:26 Can you hear me
08:26 It's love
12:43 I love you
16:06 Missing you like crazy
19:41 Closer
23:44 And one
27:54 Bye
32:19 Common word like i love you
37:23 Different
41:40 7989
45:10 Like a star
49:01 Lost in love

My most favorite korean female singer <333 saranghae tae unni


If you love action or mecha anime, I am sure you will be familiar with this singer and his music.. definitely one of the best japanese singer, I love him soooooo much