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Galaxy Supernova

Girls Generation - Galaxy Supernova

I think I like this one better than I got a boy.. dunno why. . . . ^^"

Everybody got somebody but me..

Hunter Hayer ft Jason Mraz - Everybody got somebody but me

I won't say much, I love hunter hayes and I love this video a looooot <333

Eternal Love

This song is sang by one of my favorite artist from my own country Indonesia, her name is Bunga citra lestari.. this is a soundtrack from a historical movie "Habibie & Ainun"
Even though the current of my country music industry have been influenced with korean style, but this music is the real music of indonesia which I am so proud of.. I think it's really nice to share my own country's music to you all.. especially when I really love this song.. it's so touching and meaningful :)

Bunga Citra Lestari - Cinta Kita Sejai/Our Eternal Love (Ost. Habibi & Ainun Movie)

the song talked about the relation between Habibie & Ainun, a historical couple.. about how true is their love for each other.. I never bored to listen this song :)

Let it go..

Such a goddess voice, I love her soooo much
a new single from Demi Lovato from upcoming movie "Frozen"
Her voice really awesome <3

Demi Lovato - Let it go

We Found The Love..

Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris