After Madara had caught both Saint and I waiting at the entrance of the hideout it was time to go. "Let's get this over with" Madara said in a somewhat frustrated manner. I sighed heavily and looked over at Saint who gave me a slight smile. I knew he hated doing missions with Madara, for me this was my first mission with him and Saint. Madara normally has other things of importance to do, than "babysit" as he would say. There was thick heavy tension in the atmosphere, it was suffocating. I gazed up at the sky which was rather cloudy and looked quite dismal, it wouldn't surprise me if it rained at all soon. There was no immediate rush to get anywhere, we weren't waiting on connections. We kept to a steady pace, no point wasting valuable energy. Some hours had passed by and no one had even spoken a word since we left. It really annoyed me, in an attempt to break the tension i playfully kicked Saint in the leg and laughed aloud. Saint growled lowly at me "You're asking for it Dee." he said with a grin plastered on his face. I laughed harder and formed a snowball in the palm of my hand, aimed and fired it at Saint. He ducked in time "Ha you're get sloppy with your aim Dee." He said mockingly and jokingly. Saint threw a glowing hot fire ball at me which i narrowly escaped. "Hey at least i wasn't trying to fry your ass" i laughed. I didn't know Madara had stopped walking and i walked right into the back of him "Ow.." i mumbled and rubbed my head. "Why are we stopping Madara?" Saint questioned. "Do you two ever shut up? We're stopping for the night here, the land of iron is only a days walk from here." He ranted slightly before jumping into a high tree branch.

I whined "Aww that means we have to set up camp urgh." I whined the whole time while setting up camp with Saint. Saint had is back to me and i took my chance i formed a perfectly round snowball in my hand and threw it at the back of Saint's head which hit dead on. I fell to the floor in a fit of laughter. Saint just grumbled and dropped whatever it was he was doing and dragged me by my ankles "What?! Wait! What are you doing?!" i yelled in between laughs and squirming to try and pry myself from his grip which didn't work. He threw me into the lake, with a loud slash i hit the water. Saint was in hysterics. Madara was watching the pair of us from a large tall tree and facepalmed.