Welcome to hell. This isn't a normal school so if you make it in be ready...

Extended entrance period and shortened application

Ok I'm extending the entrance to my academey and shortenting the application. Here it goes:
first and last name
which branch you wish to train for
fav Akatsuki memebers
any extra important info


First Name: Last Name: Age: Weight: Hair color: Eye color: Height: Long medium or short hair? Are you completely human? No. Yes. If no what are you? Any medical issues? No yes if yes then what? How many of your parents are alive? 1. 2. How many siblings? 1 2 3 4 5 6 if higher than state how many. How many in your house? Main form(s) of power: ninjutsu. Taijutsu genjutsu if u use weapons then what are they? If u use any powers you were born with then state them. Any specific diet? Any specific religion? Allergies? How do you work in crowds? Do you belong to another academey? If yes than which one? Ok your done, phew that's a lot of paper work!!! If you a specific interest in any othe the activities on the post below then put them in here and a good recommendation. Thank younand remember to have this in by Monday December 29th

A little about our school

our school a racialy and cuturally friendly. We accept highly religious people, vampires,
werewolves, faries etc,. We may seem to be pretty serious but we do have dances and other entertaining things like that. Now, as for students that make it in, we expect you to represent our school in a dignified way. We say that because we have sports teams, they are as follows: footbal, cheerleaders, volleyball, basketball, and karate. The akatsuki do pop in to check on the students every now and then so be prepared. We have an extended gym class 2 hours a day and maybe more if somehing important is coming up. Music is also highly encouraged in our school. That's abot it any other information will come if you make it in! Please send the Application on the next post in by Monday December 29th. PM it to me or email it to me at [email protected]!

Welcome to the academey!!!!

Welcome to the academey of the akatsuki!!! We are here for one sole purpose; to find the next generation of thenorth, south, west and main branches of the akatsuki. We really hope for some excedingly strong ninja this year.if you are interested read about the school in the post after this and if you would like to try to get in then the application is on the next post after that. Good luck!!!!