Group Meeting.

Unfortunately Pein addressed all of the members into one room for a long meeting... Now what does he have in mind?

Mission 23: Elimination

...Pein requested to yet another mission but at least it's one of my favorite... I get to eliminate a village. I'm pissed off that it's not the Leaf Village. But as long as i at least have some fun... *turns back* nothing can go wrong. *disappears*


I hear that Zetsu will be here soon. Finally that two-face venus flytrap ninja is going to join.

I'm leaving

I will be gone for half hour... Have a mission do to that Pein assigned me to do. Much of you will probably throw a party when i leave. But don't count on it. Now onward to my mission. If i come back and see my world messed up i will go to drastic measures... Ask little uzumaki... He'll tell you *smirks* to all... Goodbye weaklings except Akatsuki and Oto ninjas. *disappears*


Tobi's smart guide: Why villans especially in the Akatsuki is better!

Read the comic, Tobi being a goodboy? Please in Naruto's dreams... Pein's Rinnegan... that's natural. Hidan's attitude and being very religious to his belief... *laughs* that cracks me up. The elements of stupidity... Earth (Zetsu), Sea (Kisame), Sun and Moon (Itachi). *laughs* Deidara being handicapped. That's a laugh, Konan an angel, Pein's angel. Kakuzu rejointing body parts... only himself. Sasori, creating artificial parts... *laughs* in God's demise Hehehehehe...Wait... WHEN DID I BECOME A MEDICINE/DOPING PROVIDER? I SWEAR I WILL KILL TOBI WHEN HE COMES ON! *disappears*