Hello welcome to Akatski headquarters you are now officially my
kidding. Anyhoo welcome I hope that you would like to join me here (It's lonely) If you want to join just message me and I would be happy to accept.

Naruto:Sure you would.
Me:How'd you guys get here?
Me:*stares at Sasuke blankly*
Naruto:We got here through your kitchen sink.
Me:How the heck did you get here through my dang kitchen sink?
Sasuke:You don't want to know.
Me:Yes,I do want to know!
Sasuke:Ah go away.
Me:Make Me you chicken ass haired Baka!
Sasuke:Oh that's it! *charges at Me*
Me:Couldn't agree more. *me and Sasuke start to fight*
Naruto:GO NARIMINE! *pulls up a lawn chair and watches me and Sasuke fight*
Sakura:While those two are fighting Narimine asked me to lay down some ground rules.

1)no threats of any kind will be allowed
2)we don't just talk about the Akatsuki here.
Naruto:Thanks. *goes back to watching Me and Sasuke fight*
3)You can talk about all kinds of stuff here but nothing too explicit or gross, bad language is okay.Keep things PG-13.
Hidan:Fuck yeah!Oh wait keep it PG-13?
)Character bashing is also allowed, along with yaoi and yuri.
Sasuke:Is that good or bad for me?
Me:Bad *hits him on head*
6)Have fun!

Sasuke:We're good now right?
Me:No.*hands Naruto a remote* Naruto if you would please press that button while I get a video camera.
Naruto:Sure.*presses button*
Me:Release the snake!
Orochimaru:Hello Sasuke.
Sasuke:Oh crap.*runs around with Oro chasing him*
Hidan:Hey this is some fucking decent entertainment.
Me:Your welcome.
Sakura:Hey Naruto pass the popcorn.
Naruto:Sure.*passes Sakura the popcorn*
Hidan:Hay share some with me Damn'it.
Kakuzu:How much will you pay me? *eats some popcorn
Hidan:Damn'it Kakuzu give me some of that fucking popcorn!
Pein:I swear I can't tell if you two are fighting or if that's just your way of getting along.
Konan:That goes for all the other Akatsuki members.
Me:*looks over at Deidara and Sasori arguing over who's art is better* You sure got that right Konan.
Naruto:*whispers to me* Is Itachi here?
Me:*whispers back* For his and Sasuke sake I put him in a different room.
Lee:Umm how'd I get here agian?
Me:*runs over and gives Lee a hug*
Lee:Can't breath...
Me:Oh sorry. *lets go of Lee*
Naruto:Wow I thought you were a fan of Sasuke's.
Me:What was that?
Tobi:Tobi's a good boy!
Me:Yes you are. *gives Tobi a cookie*
Me:Anyway got to go for now Sasuke's still being chased by Orochimaru. *Thinking: Not that its a bad thing...*

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