Im in love..not true love cause i dont know him well enough...but i am in love


I have a big can guess who or you can guess (pein: It's me!! Me: SOrry, no...) HE amazing but he's like 6 years older than me...

Happy b-day!!

Happy birthday!! Lestelle dstiny*last name hidden* my new baby sis born today!!

ABout me!!!

Name: Kiara Uchiha
AGe: 13
Height: 5'7
Blood type: AB positive

Mother:Sakura Hurano
Father: Itachi Uchiha
Siblings:none (yet)

Medical conditions: Anemic

Specialties: SHaringan and Swords and Guns master

Where is my Uncle Saskue?

Where is my uncle saskue? how the hell should i know?! The last time i saw him i was 6 years old and he was in drug rehab for herion addiction!! I hear now that he is running with Orochimaru's crew....that sucks cause they are the akatsuki's enemy's Oh, well....

my family

Hello, I am Kiara Uchiha.... I am a Neko....External ImageMy father is Itachi Uchiha and my mother is Sakura see why i have issues