Convention Day!

So this weekend I went with two friends to Sac-Anime and we had the best time. I did Allen Walker Crown Clown and after being in the hotel for 5 minutes someone was already asking for my picture! We found some awesome stuff in the vendors room and had so much fun looking through all this stuff. I almost bought an Edward Elric plushie, but I just couldn't spend the cash... I knew i didn't need it. I did get some D. Gray-man items like a keychain and a button pin for my collection. I found chibi FMA charms! Ed and Roy are mine! My friend got Final Fantasy playing cards and a Bleach necklace. DAnd the other one bought two Bleach patches and a Cloud keychain. One Piece stuff was lame so that was sad. Got pictures with lots of cool characters and we did a lolita tea! That was so much fun! We talked with the other girls for an hour afterwards. Love seeing the different costumes! We've decided for the Jan con to do a group cosplay! Not gonna give away our idea cause I've never seen this done! Well gotta run.