This world was indeed inspired by the Nostalgia Critic on where a man makes fun of our most endearing childhood stories, and well... show us our naive ways. I enjoy watching the Nostalgia Critic for he is always blunt and to the point and he even knows how to properly critique movies he enjoys. There are many well educated Critics on that site, from Games, to music, to anime, and of course movies. It's a very versatile site and I highly recommend it.

That is the Nostalgia Critic, and his trusty gun. The one that keeps the creepy man with the spiders away... and also the one that killed Santa Christ... *sniffles* He was a good man... but he came back anyway. ^^ I'll be posting the latest of Nostalgia Critic in the Intro to this world, to give you a taste of what he can do ^^ It'll most likely be a link... (unless I can find an embedded URL... which is highly unlikely...) and also possibly JesuOtaku. An anime critic. ^^ So... enjoy the world, and here's Nostalgia Critic's latest review...

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It's possible that the first one didn't work... which is why I posted the link... Still, he's funny and logical either way.

And also... a youtube video of the week. ^^ A world wouldn't be complete without it!

Review in Progress: Prince of Egypt

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