Death Dance (Poem)

WARNING: Triggeringg/ mentions and hints at self harm and suicidal thoughts. If it makes you uncomfortable, please don't read.

Smile like an idiot
like there is nothing wrong at all
holding a knife in my hand
as I dance wall to wall
When it all goes to hell
which is where I'll soon be
run the knife on your skin
and let your blood run free
If thats not enough
and when is it ever?
Put a gun to your head
and leave life forever
When life leaves you lonely
and you're out on your own
Just slit down the road
just make sure you're alone
If you don't want the pain
or to see yourself die
just go to the bridge
and pretend you can fly
I'm in my bed, crying
not with sadness or grief
with my face in the pillow
I cry in relief
I made it through another day
I can sleep until light
Its never a battle
to live through the night
My dreams give me something
real life cannot
Peace and comfort
that through, the day I forgot


I'm not sad today. But I yesterday when I wrote this. Its the pain meds (Fractured my left foot) clashing with my normal meds. Its messing with my moods. No worries though. I'll be off them by next weekend.