I may or may not have a slightly unhealthy obsession with Andrew Garfield.

All my liked posts on tumblr may or may not be of Andrew Garfield/Emma Stone/Peter Parker/The Amazing Spider-Man.

I may or may not have changed my tumblr theme to Spider-Man.

No regrets.


Being the cartoonist for my school newspaper is fun because I get to do stupid stuff like this.

I'm so clever.


My first rough draft ever for Journalism was approved to go into the school newspaper during draft screening, and is now officially ready for copy editing! I'm so proud of myself!

Texts From Captain CTR

I know. We're cool. (This is Will, by the way. Yeah.)

Anthropologie Dress

So for my early birthday present from me to myself, I went out to Anthropologie (the most awesome store ever) and bought myself a super expensive dress.

So it's currently the most expensive thing I own, at $150. It looks a lot better actually on me than it does in the picture, and it makes me feel super awesome :) And no, that was not high self esteem there, I was just stating that it looks really ugly on the mannequin. So yeah.