~ Amazing Icons!

So my Elderly Husband, Hulaberry32, redid my Rapunzel icon and made it prettyful just for me :3 Loook at it's beautifulness! But for some reason it won't update my profile whenever I set it T.T And then there's another icon I made out of Emmy Cicierega's art, because she is wonderful ;w; I shall use it one day!

~ Deviant ID

Anyone who knows me would be able to see that this doesn't look a THING like me ^^; But hey. For my deviantART ID :)

~ Bored

I made this last night... Because I was bored I guess. And I'm in kind of a depressed mood anyways.

~ Failed Hulaberry32 Present :(

So for Hulaberry32's late Otakuversary, I was going to make her a font with my own handwriting. I got through the whole entire process, and at the end realized that it costs $10 to download the font T.T So yes, my Elderly Husband, I have indeed failed you... Is it just the thought that counts? But here is a preview of what the font WOULD have looked like... I guess I'll have to find a different Otaku present to make you :/ I hope you like how it looks! Oh yeah, and T-Z and like half of the symbols didn't show up T.T FAIL...

~ Remote Control

This song is so catchy :D