~ New Cameraaa

So since I'm going on my trip to Washington D.C. in a couple of weeks, I decided to buy myself a spiffy new camera :D It's a Nikon Coolpix s3100 or somethin' like that :D And being all excited about it, I started taking pictures of random flowers and crap today... This is a picture I took, it's my favorite! Because my camera has this 'Selective Color' effect, and it's pretty freaking awesome. But yeah. Behold the awesomeness xD

~ Challenge Deadline Approaching!

Okay so I made my challenge like three months ago, and it is ending in less than a month! (April 19) So far there have only been three submissions, and it's kind of hard to judge a contest from that ^^; So if you haven't checked it out yet, please do, and submit if you want before it's too late!

*~ Wonderfully Twisted ~*


Drew this during church, I wasn't exactly paying attention =.=

~ Mile-Long Tag

What's your name? Mariya-Racquel! But I just go by Mariya. Darn. Age? 15 What country do you live in? Uh-Mer-I-CAAA xD Do you like it? Um. Define '...

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~ LyricDump

Bahaha. This is the child of the musical side of my imagination xD