~ Better

To better myself artistically, I am going to draw one thing from real life every day… So for the first day, I drew the toilet paper holder from my bathroom… It’s not exactly a masterpiece, but the point for me is to be able to draw it in less than fifteen minutes.

~ Dude.

Dude. Grell with short hair = Sexiness xDD *shot*

~ A Rainy Day

Sooo I found this awesome thing that is perfect for those days when you just want to lay back and... Whatever, forget everything :) So here's how it works! First of all, click ...

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~ Disnay Meme

Huzzah, Disney xD *loves Disney* Cinderella: [] One of your parents is dead [x] You are expected to do a lot of chores [x] You love to dress up. [x] You love animals. [x] You are waiting patiently fo...

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~ I'm a Nerd

So I decided to put a Batman streamer on my binder. Because I'm a nerd. And because Batman is cool.