My mother

My Wrists are red,
My heart still beating,
My eyes filled with tears,
You’ll never accept me.
You’ll never care.
You Don’t Approve of my Life,
My Choices,
My Loves.
You Think I’m stupid,
Blinded by your So called truths,
Your so called help,
Your so called support,
Sure, you were there for me,
But any time I wanted to tell the truth,
You just brushed me off,
You called it lies.
We’ve been through this before,
But then it was without proof,
To you, Without Truth,
I was already torn,
But you had to come and burn the pieces,
What kind of Person could stand by,
And watch their child torment themselves,
Destroy their being,
Who could just leave them in the dark,
You’d Call me pathetic in this state,
While My heart bleeds out,
While I Scream your name,
While I Scream “Believe me!”.
You Never will,
We wish you would,
Me, My Soul, My Heart,
All those little things you ignored.
I Know you cared for me,
Raised me,
But when it came to emotional sickness,
All you did was brush me off.
You wonder why I Lie, Why I Hide,
You’re a hypocrite when you say you care,
You only mean it halfway,
You’ll only deal with the problems you can handle,
You may be older,
But your doubtfully wiser,
You Don’t understand,
You never really will,
I know that,
But the Least you can do Is accept who your daughter is,
Grab her hand when she’s reaching out,
After all,
You are
My Mother.