You were just minding your own otaku business when you got knocked out...When you wake back up you were in a strangely familiar place.

Welcome to "Naruto:The Alternative Tale" Here you make your own otaku oc and they get transported to Konoha where they get to go on adventures along side the characters of Naruto themselves! Fun and drama is sure to follow. (This takes place around the chunnin exams)


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O.o what just happened???

I was scared after Kiba said that. If he knew then surely they are posted in Konaha. Naruto will know and he'll hate me. Then Emi ran at me and did a releasing jutsu on me. For a second I felt as though I were free from a barrier, I felt evil. I'm not evil, I shouldn't feel this way, then everyone but Emi fell from the tree. They blacked out. Then she sealed me again. I felt more secure, like being in a blanket rather than in an open circus tent. Then, a girl, I'm not familiar with called to Emi. The moon had risen by now, I'm going to search the town for the posters and if I find Naruto... Well, I'll think of something. I ran throught the trees, I had perfect vision in moonlight and it was like it would be there for me. Forever...

What happened?

I saw Emi take off through the forest. I frowned, where is she going? I wondered. I followed after her quietly, but I lost her, and I had a hard time finding her again.

As I was wandering around aimlessly, I wondered where May had gone. I hoped she was ok. We had never really been a strange place by ourselves before. I didn't know if she could handle it. Heck, I didn't know if I could handle it. But, she liked being alone, I knew. Well, she had a really close connection to the moon. Everything was happening so fast that it was difficult for me to keep up with everything.

I heard a commotion, and I was going to go investigate when a power surge brushed over me and blackness engulfed me. I had passed out.


"It's her! The one on the posters!" I heard somebody call out. Oh no! It might be my friends a ran to a nearby bush by the voice. It was May! I needed to help her,but how? My eyes opened wide and a scene flashed before my eyes. Someone sealing some power. Something monstorous....Then It was like something came over my body.

"Seal Realease:First Degree!" I cried,jumping out of the bush and putting five of my fingers on her forehead. Immense chakra imediatly poured out from here. It was if it was covering everything in a thick blanket that only made you more cold. The powersurged out, this was one of May's Blood line traits. Everyone within the area passed out except for me and May. Evil chakra started to envolope her.

"Seal!"I said while forming the sign of the tiger. The power started to fade and she passed out cold on the floor. I was breathing heavilly,my chakra depleated and my sudden surge of knowledge gone.

"EMI!?" I heard a fammilair voice calling. I knew who it was..but no, that can't be her! I turned around, it was her.

"Chichi!" I smiled. "Why are here?" I asked.

~Emi Sora


"EMI PICK UP YOUR PHONE AND CALL ME BACK!" I screamed at the phone and snapped it shut. I sighed. Emi had said that she would leave the next manga for Naruto on her bed before she left for a camping trip with her 2 other friends but I couldn't find it...

I started to pace around then I was out cold.

Waking up in a strange place it still seemed somewhat familiar....

"Hello?" I called. No one seemed to be around so I walked around a bit and pulled out my phone to call someone. I noticed my refection in it and I screamed and dropped the phone and picked it up quickly again.

"What the heck happened to me!" I wailed and combed my fingers though my light blue hair. I looked so different...I tried to turn my phone on but I couldn't.

"Hem well thats just grate!" I said to my self and started to walk around and heard some yelling up a head and decide to go see what if I could get answers.

I see them and boy am I surprised. "EMI!?" I asked shocked. She turned and looked at me. "ChiChi!" She said and smiled.


Hehe hope twas good for meh frist post ^^

I had a bad day

After running for I don't know how long, I found a tree to rest in. I cried my eyeballs out until I ran out of tears. It was a silent cry and I realized I was lost. I stayed there not going anywhere. If they want me back they'll have to carry my cold dead carcass over there. I'm not being the evil one. I thought I was alone, when I see a little bug crawling on the tree. I pick it up and it drains a little of my chakra. Meh, I wasn't gonna use it anyway.I let him crawl on my arm and up to my neck, when he suddenly flies away.

"There they are" a litte voice calls. By now I don't even care. I know who it is but I won't do anything. I can't do anything right.

"Hey you, don't you know what kind of bug this is?" said Shino I don't even look at him.

"I know but he was hungry and I'm not using it." They look at me like they've seen a ghost.

"It's her, the one on the poster!" Kia announces.