You were just minding your own otaku business when you got knocked out...When you wake back up you were in a strangely familiar place.

Welcome to "Naruto:The Alternative Tale" Here you make your own otaku oc and they get transported to Konoha where they get to go on adventures along side the characters of Naruto themselves! Fun and drama is sure to follow. (This takes place around the chunnin exams)


EnglandWolves-Emi Sora-Leader of club

XxRaindropsxX-Molly Soha-Vice president

kalasinhatake-Persephone May-opera singer(ME:Emi! Emi:lol jk jk


littlepooch-Chihiro Risa

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littlepooch's OC

Name: Chihiro (but she likes to be called Cho or ChiChi) Risa

Age: 15

Hair: shoulder langht blond hair but its dyed blue at the moment ;D

Eyes: light brown

Other looks: She has on a black shirt(kinda low cut >>') with a fishnet under shirt and navy blue pants.

Fav.Character from Naruto: Neji

Personality:hyper, impatient, stubborn, happy, caring.

Anything else: She is Emi's cousin and hates when people comment about her hair being blue.

Okay!^^ please post how you get into the Naruto world soon!^^

Come Back

"May wait, You can't leave!" I shouted after her. Where was she running to? Back to Naruto?

"I don't want to live that way!" May yelled at them. But, she didn't run into the village; she ran parallel to it. Where was she going.

I turned to Emi, "What should we do about her?"

She shrugged.

I sighed. She would hopefully find her way back on her own. I felt we shouldn't push her. She'd come on her own.

I picked up the poster and looked it over. How could this be true? How could the life I remembered from back home in the real world be false? Was my parents just an illusion? Just how powerful were we?

But, now that I knew what I could do, I really wanted to go train so that maybe parts of my memory would come back. I wanted to be that powerful ninja. I wanted to be good.

But, what had we done that made us wanted? What had we done to make us fugitives? Could we have been evil? Maybe we had been assassins of some sort. Man, I needed to cut down on all the TV watching.

wanted o.o

How could this be? I never did anything! And I couldn't even do one jutsu, how was I supposed to have 16 bloodline traits? Now Naruto ould never like me. How could he? He's no fool. Gaara, Kankurou, and Temari are up to something and i don't like it. I tore off back to the village back to Naruto, I can't take this, I won't be accused of something I never did!

"May wait, You can't leave!" called Molly.

how could I respond to that, I wanted to leave that, I wanted to forget all about it.

"I don't want to live that way!" I yelled at them. So much for the village, they probably heard me, so I tore off parallel to it's wall.

Wanted Poster

YAY We were about to train when I heard something come from Kankuro's ear piece.

"We have to go now. Here" He gave me a poster and left. I looked at the poster. There were three faces. Mine, Molly's and May's. Underneath our name was a short description. Mine said I was a master at creating jutsu,Molly's said she was amazing at taijutsu and genjutsu, May's said she had at least 16 Blood line traits! It was a wanted poster.

"Thats a lot of zeros..." I muttered and handed the paper to the others.

~Emi Sora

T-T hi

I walk through the gate, head down. Why can't Naruto come? He's really nice, and I like hima and I think he might like me. Why did I have to come here in the first place?. I wave to all saying hi. I know nothing, and I only have Molly and Emi now, I wanted Naruto too because he makes me feel special. He makes me feel like a somebody.

"Like I was saying, you guys are special, powers cause amnesia and we will help you train blah blah blah, are we ready?"

"YEAH!" said Emi enthusiastically.

"I guess" said Molly.

and I was back to being miss nobody, the invisiible ninja.