Samurai 7

Plot: The small village of Kanna is terrorized by mechanized bandits called the Nobuseri. The village's water priestess, Kirara, volunteers to go to the city to find samurai that will protect them. But the merchants' city is dangerous, and the only payment the village can offer the samurai is the rice they grow. Even so, Kirara and her companions slowly gather seven samurai willing to fight for their cause. The battle has only just begun. (B)

Characters: The anime breathes new life into the characters from the classic Kurosawa film. Every one of them has his own charm. (A)

Art & Animation: A

Music: Slightly overbearing at times (A-)

Voice Acting: Dub -- A / Original Japanese -- B

Objectionable Content: profanity, blood, suggestive themes

Other: The anime is an enjoyable ride -- until you get to the end.

Overall Score: A-

Recommendation: 3/5

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