Solty Rei

Plot: Several years after a mysterious disaster called the "Blast Fall", scientific advancements result in a new prosthetic called "Resemble" technology. Like any new invention, Resemble technology improves life for many of the Blast Fall's victims, but also results in a rash of Resemble-related crimes -- which bounty hunter Roy Revant has to clean up. Roy lost his daughter in the Blast Fall, but he believes she is still alive somewhere. When this bereaved father is wounded on a job, he is saved by a girl who falls from the sky. Indebted, he takes her in. He soon finds out that this girl, who he names Solty, is a Resemble unlike any other... (A)

Characters: Lots of depth here (A)

Art & Animation: A

Music: Slightly overbearing at times (A-)

Voice Acting: Dub -- A

Objectionable Content: blood, profanity (caution -- some strong language), nondescript nudity

Other: I first heard about this anime from a review in one of TheO's old news posts. From the outset, the anime is steeped in mystery, and you find yourself roped in, waiting to see where all the twists and turns will lead. But prepare some kleenex for the second half -- there's a good chunk of episodes where things get very gloomy.

Overall Score: A-

Recommendation: 2.5/5

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