Night Head Genesis

Plot: It is said that humans use a very small percentage of their brains. As the anime explains it, "Night Head" refers to the percentage that is unused. What if people could tap into that largely unused percentage of their brains? For Naoto and Naoya Kirihara, this scenario is a reality. Naoto is the short-fused, protective older brother with destructive psychokinetic abilities; Naoya is the dependent younger brother with the ability to see and hear what others are thinking through physical contact. After the brothers escape from a research facility where they were being used as guinea pigs, they find out that they could very well be the only ones who can save the world from an impending disaster... (A)

Characters: Interesting and relatable (A-)

Art & Animation: A

Music: As I didn't watch much of the anime, I don't remember it that well. But I remember thinking the music was cool. (B+)

Voice Acting: A-

Objectionable Content: Profanity, blood, some sexual content. These were all worse in the anime, which is why I stopped watching it.

Other: The anime has more horror elements, while the manga stays more on the sci-fi spectrum. It starts strong, then gets WEIRD. To my knowledge, only two or three volumes of the manga were released in the U.S.

Overall Score: Anime -- D/ Manga -- C. This series could have been great if it had been handled better.

Recommendation: 1.5/5 (Stopped watching/reading)

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