Immortal Rain

Plot: In the wake of her grandfather's death, Machika Balfaltin succeeds him as an assassin and hunts down the one man her grandfather, the "Grim Reaper Zol", couldn't defeat -- an immortal nicknamed Methuselah. In a strange turn of events, Machika winds up being saved by her first bounty, and she frees him to return the favor.
From then on, the assassin and the immortal Rain Jewlitt are on the run, with people of all kinds out to get their hands on Rain, the key to the secrets of immortality. But, tired of seeing the people around him die, Rain views his gift of immortality as a curse and seeks out the man who made him immortal in order to become human again. Choosing to stay close to Rain, Machika finds herself caught up in all the dangers that follow him... (A-)

Characters: Lots of depth here (A). Even the initial "bad guys" are well-characterized.

Art: A

Objectionable Content: Profanity (Caution: some strong language), blood (some is downright gross, and I've cut such pages from my copy), some suggestive content

Other: This one starts off with a very fun shonen feel, but later becomes darker, then devolves into a love story, then turns into a battle between good and evil...Okay, so what kind of manga is this? Its strength is the raw emotion of its characters. At its core, this is a manga about loss and love. Keep a Kleenex handy for the third volume's flashback arc, in particular.

Overall Score: A-

Recommendation: 3.5/5

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